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  • cold rooms, cold room panels, cold room doors, panel accessories, blast freezers, frozen storages, cold storage plant, climatized storage room, cold storage room, frozen storage room, blast chiller room, blast freezer room, containerized cold rooms, temperature controlled test room, humidity controlled test room, isothermal door, split type refrigeration units, split refrigeration units, refrigeration units, industrial type refrigeration units, industrial refrigeration units, sandwich panel, polyurethane wall panels, roof panel, sectional door, pvc strip curtain, modular shelf systems, remote control system, cold room, cold room panel, cold room door, panel, door, panel accessory, blast freezer, frozen storage, cold storage plants, climatized storage rooms, cold storage rooms, frozen storage rooms, blast chiller rooms, blast freezer rooms, containerized cold room, temperature controlled test rooms, humidity controlled test rooms, isothermal doors, split type refrigeration unit, split refrigeration unit, refrigeration unit, industrial type refrigeration unit, industrial refrigeration unit, sandwich panels, polyurethane wall panel, roof panels, sectional doors, pvc strip curtains, modular shelf system, remote control systems, cold room sandwich panel, cold room sandwich panels, Locked flat cold room panel, Cold room panel accessories, Sandwich panel, Refrigerated storage panel, Refrigerated storage panels, Storage panel, cold room wall panel, cold room ceiling panel, cold room floor panel, cold room panel accessories, Polyurethane panel, cold storage doors, hinged door, sliding door, cold room hinged door, cold room sliding door, single swing door, double swing door, cold room flip flap doors, single wing bar door, double wing bar door, cold room sectional door, cold room office door, cold room door accesories, double leaf bar door, cold store, freezer, container cold room, LED lighting, pressure Valve, Refrigeration systems, Monoblock Refrigeration systems, Industrial Refrigeration systems, Fruit cold storages
    As Sagi Engineering; We operates in industrial cooling systems manufacturing, cold room, cold room panel, cold room door and commercial refrigeration spare parts sales & service.
    Telephone: +90 216 377 73 62 Address: Fatih Mah. Selahattin Eyübi Cad. No:8 Resim İstanbul Sitesi No: 863, Sancaktepe, İstanbul, Turkey
  • onvehicle equipments, truck equipments, garbage compactors, dumpers, tipper trucks, fire fighting trucks, hook lifts, basket platforms, platforms, aerial lifts, road sweepers, municipality vehicles, garbage containers, chute compactors, containers, semi trailer refuce compactors, refuse compactors, combined jetting trucks, jetting trucks, vacuum trucks, mini dumper garbage trucks, skip loaders, lpg trailers, trailers, PTO, VACUUMPUMPS, telescopic platform, tractor towed road sweeper, Jetting combined body, split shaft pto, c
    Guvenc Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd. serves your esteemed customers co-operation focused on ; Quality and Reliance since the begining of our established year. Our
    Telephone: +90 541 259 63 44 Address: Yenimahalle Mah., D100 Karayolu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • spices, legumes, pulses, seasonings, chickpeas, lentils, green lentils, red lentils, split lentils, red whole lentils, football lentils, animal feeds, bird feeds, bitter lupins, mung beans, kidney beans, peanut kernels, pinto beans, gojjam beans, soya beans, cumin seeds, dry gingers, turmerics, grass peas, yellow millets, spice, legume, pulse, seasoning, chickpea, lentil, green lentil, red lentil, split lentil, red whole lentil, football lentil, animal feed, bird feed, bitter lupin, mung bean, k
    Our Company was established in August 2007 by CEO Mohammed Zakir KHAN in the city of Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî in Konya. Our company's main mission is; food, pulses, oilseeds,
    Telephone: +90 530 474 45 86 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Büsan San. Sit. Medcezir Cad., Konya Ticaret Merkezi B Blok No: 8 Kat: 1/101, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • cooling, refrigerants, condensing units, split units, defrost heaters, rock systems, remote condensers, embraco, compressors, danfoss, refrigeration spare parts, air curtains, ferrodisa, halcor, honeywell, du pont, ziehl abegg, toshiba, sanhua, value
    With more than 30 years experience in heating, cooling and air conditioning industry, Cantaş is seeking to continue its way certainly in the aim of providing you the best
    Telephone: +90 (212) 910 10 31 Address: Kore Şehitleri Cad. No:53 Zincirlikuyu Şişli
  • Polished Travertine, Tumbled Travertine, Split Face Travertine, Polished Marble, Tumbled Marble, Split Face Marble, Travertine, Marble
    In the 17 years since the Çizgi Marble Denizli have been making natural stone mosaic production in Turkey. We don't have a representative in Dubai yet. We would love to cooperate
    Telephone: (90)(258) 267 11 89 90 5062593100 Address: Güzelköy Mahallesi 1003 Sokak No:15 DENİZLİ
  • air condition, vrf, vrv, vrs, fan coil, heat pump, multi split, chiller, air handling unit, cooling systems, heating systems, heat recovery systems, heat recovery units, water cooled systems, hvac, air conditioning systems, rooftop, room air conditioner, split air conditioner, split, wall mounted, ceiling cassette, duct, floor standing, packaged air conditoner, fresh air intake unit, console, art cool, ceiling&floor, ceiling suspended, ceiling concealed duct, automation, inverter, heating, cooling, installation, maintenance, continuous heating, high efficiency, R410A, y-branch
    Our company, who is authorized dealer in LG and Beko brands about Air Conditioning systems; is able to consultancy, project management, sales & after sales (survey, installation,
    Telephone: +905436770650 Address: Saray Mahallesi Küçüksu Caddesi Antasya Residence No:64/A Kat:2 Daire:12 Ümraniye - İstanbul
  • VRF Systems, Chiller, AHU, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Split AC, Residential AC, Commercial AC
    Our Company officially started operations in 2016 by the founders, who wanted to combine their experience of more than 25 years in the Air-Conditioning Industry, contributing
    Telephone: +90 216 441 41 34 Address: FINDIKLI MAH. BAŞIBÜYÜK YOLU CAD. NO:149/B MALTEPE
  • box, boxes, packaging products, packaging, package, flat box, flat boxes, launch box, launch boxes, promotional box, promotion boxes, gift box, gift boxes, calendar box, calendar boxes, calendar boxes, shoebox, shoe boxes, tie box, shirt box, chocolate boxes, cd box, drawer box, drawer boxes, sectional box, split boxes, textile box, textile boxes, thread box, pencil case, pencil boxes, kit box, kit boxes, kraft box, kraft boxes, magnetic box, magnetic boxes, linen box, bedding boxes, special box
    Kutiş Kutuculuk entered the packaging sector in 1977 with Davutpaşa handmade box manufacturing. Our company, which grows with new investments every day and raises its target,
    Telephone: +90 212 689 49 89 Address: Atatürk Mahallesi, Gazi Caddesi, No:14, Kıraç, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • heating system, residence heating systems, heater, heaters, apartment heating, apartment heating systems, heating equipments, heating products, ventilation systems, ventilation products, ventilation equipments, air conditioning, air conditioner, air conditioners, split air conditioners, cooling systems, coolers, chiller, water coolers, water heater, water heaters, heating boiler, heating boilers, solid fuel fired boilers, liquid fuel fired boilers, cooling system, ventilation ducts, household ap
    We as Makroterm Isitma Sogutma manufacture and supply heating system, residence heating systems, heater, heaters, apartment heating, apartment heating systems, heating equipments,
    Telephone: +90 216 561 89 51 Address: Orta Mahalle, Bektaş Sokak, No:6/11, Soğanlık, Kartal, İstanbul,Turkey
  • bulgor, chickpea, chickpeas, red lentils, red lentil, kidney bean, kidney beans, bean, beans, yellow lentils, rice, rices, green lentils, split broad beans, corn, corns, grain, cereals, oily seeds, legumes, pulses, bulgur, bulghur
    MEM-PA Agricultural Products located in Mersin is one of the leading companies in its sector working in the branches of grain, cereals, oily seeds and its goods. Our aim is
    Telephone: +90 324 231 60 60  Address: KARADUVAR MH.SERBEST BÖLGE 5 NO'LU CD. NO:3, AKDENİZ, İÇEL, TURKEY
  • Refrigeration, Units, Devices, Blast, Freezer, Monoblock, Split, Industrial, Cold, Room, Storage, Door, Panel, Insulation, Floor, PVC, Curtain, Shelves, Chiller, Doors
    Tekop Refrigeration tries to be a reliable company for its customers in the refrigeration sector. With its trade partners in 5 countries and almost 50 employees, it has been
    Telephone: +90 212 694 58 58 Address: Gokevler Mh. 2245 Sk. Holpark Sitesi Esenyurt/ Istanbul
  • pump, double suction split case pump, multi stage pump, submersible waste water and sewage pumps, sewage and waste water pump, fire fighing sets, axial and mixed flow pumps, process pumps, hot water pumps, hot oil pumps, submersible pumps with tube, screw pump, submersible pumps with grinder blade, agricultural sprinkler pump, submersible waste waster pump, sewage pump, submersible waste waster pumps, sewage pumps, pumps, double suction split case pumps, multi stage pumps, sewage and waste water
    TURBOSAN A.S; established in 1971 to meet the country's need for agricultural irrigation, drinking water and wastewater pumps. By incorporating our experience in the pump
    Telephone: +90 262 722 95 40 Address: Makine İhtisas Org. San. Bölg. 5.Cd. No:33, Dilovası, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • hygienic air handling units, air handling units, fan coil devices, water cooling groups, split type devices, multi split type devices
  • marble, marble products, marble tiles, marble slabs, hammered marble, brushed marble, split face marble
  • split peas, canalini beans, kidney beans, baked beans, navy beans, soybeans, chickpeas, red lentil, green lentil, yellow lentils, lentil, legumes, grains, pulse, pulses
    We manufacture and supply split peas, canalini beans, kidney beans, baked beans, navy beans, soybeans, chickpeas, red lentil, green lentil, yellow lentils, lentil, legumes,
    Telephone: +90 338 214 92 07  Address: SEKİ ÇEŞME MH D.AHMET ARMUTLU CD. 22/A, MERKEZ, KARAMAN, TURKEY
  • marbles, travertines, onyx, mosaics, split face mosaics, garden stones, natural stones, mosaic medallions, artistic mosaics, profiles, marble wallpapers
    Telephone: (90)(312) 394 66 51 Address: YAHYALAR YUVA YOLU 91.SK.NO:6 YENİMAHALLE
  • split cooling systems, central system refrigeration devices, cold storage rooms, cold room panels, cold room doors, cold display sections, market equipments, cold storage room equipments
    Telephone: 90 262 Address: KOCAELI, TURKEY
  • split peas, canalini beans, kidney beans, baked beans, navy beans, soybeans, chickpeas, red lentil, green lentil, yellow lentils, lentil, legumes, grains, pulse, pulses
    We manufacture and supply split peas, canalini beans, kidney beans, baked beans, navy beans, soybeans, chickpeas, red lentil, green lentil, yellow lentils, lentil, legumes,
    Telephone: +90 324 221 80 42 --- +90 324 221 91 33 Address: ÇAY MH.6474 SK.NO:2-1, AKDENİZ, MERSIN, TURKEY
  • hand drying systems, jet towel, home-office air conditioners, multi system air conditioners, air conditioning outdoor units, air conditioner indoor units, split air conditioners, commercial type air conditioners, external units, internal units, vrf central systems, bc controller, air-cooled outdoor units, ventilation systems, internal units, control systems, air conditioner individual control systems, air conditioning central control systems, water-cooled outdoor units
    Telephone: 3643848 Address: MALTEPE CADDESI NO:9/A ÇİĞLİ/İZMİR
  • leather, leather shoes, patent leather, saddlery, split leather
    Telephone: 311 69 20 Address: YENI TABAKHANELER PANAYIR CAD.NO:42/2 GEREDE
  • travertine tiles, marble tiles, limestone tiles, travertine pavers, travertine tumbled patterns, travertine chiseled patterns, tumbled, mosaics, wall panels, split faces, mouldings
    Telephone: (90)(326) 225 21 40 Address: YAVUZ SELİM CAD.TAHİR NECİPİŞH.C BLOK NO:6 ANTAKYA
  • chickpeas, rice, white kidney beans, light speckled kidney beans, rap seed, canola, split peas, peanuts, sunflower seeds, iron ore, nickel ore, cacao, henna, curry, ginger, linden flower, indonesia oily coconut, sesame, white corn, vetch, wheat, yellow corn
    Telephone: 2010004 Address: Dikilitaş Kasabası Yeşilyurt Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:187 Akdeniz
  • pulse, edible oils, rice, sugar, meat, yellow grease, redined palm oil, soybean oil, rbd soybean oil, beans, red beans, lentils, richlea lentils, red kidney beans, split green peas
    Telephone: 2381411 Address: : Kültür Mah. İsmet İn. Bul. 35422 Sok. Hilal Kemal Apt. Kat:7 No:9 Akdeniz
  • mechanical supply, installation, domestic water system, waste water system, rain water system, fire fighting system, ventilation system, floor heating, vrv system, multi split system
    Telephone: (90)(322) 457 56 32 Address: KURTULUŞ MAH.19 SOK.FERİHAN TEKELİ APT.23 SEYHAN
  • leather, leather shoes, patent leather, saddlery, split leather
    Telephone: 311 76 66 Address: Demircirler Mah. Hacı Emin Efendi Cad. No : 179/A Gerede
  • paraffin, paraffin heaters, Pellets, pellet heaters, electrical heaters, gas heaters, air conditioners, split-unit air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers
    Telephone: 90 232 Address: İZMIR, TURKEY
  • marble, tile, travertine, mosaic marble, tumbled marble, panel marble, split face marble
    Telephone: 90(542)466 88 18 Address: KOCABAŞ MAH.ANKARA BULVARI NO:4, HONAZ, DENIZLI
  • aquarium stone, cover stone, machine cut, monolith, natural stone, slab, slate, split face, tumbled, wall stone, mine, mining
    Telephone: (90)(286) 416 43 13 Address: CUMHURİYET MAHLELESİ BÜLENT ECVİT CAT NO 46 ÇANAKKALE
  • stone, natural stones, marble, travertine, granite, split face marble, hammered marble, brushed marble, polished marble, cross cut marble
    Telephone: 2903424 Address: Beybi Giz Plaza Meydan Sok. No:1/A Maslak
  • air conditioners, small commercial air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, multi split air conditioners, air cleaners, altherma, vrv, industrial applications, fancoil units, ventilation
    Telephone: 4571636 Address: FAZİL PAŞA CADDESI NO:16/A BORNOVA / İZMİR
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